We want to help: Artusi, our online music theory platform, is now free for any institution affected by Covid-19.

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MacGAMUT joins !

We are pleased to announce that as of Febuary 2020, MacGAMUT Software International has joined Artusi, Inc.

Artusi offers a web-based suite of written theory exercises such as four-part writing and species counterpoint, in addition to fundamentals and ear training exercises. By Fall 2020, Artusi will offer the ear training exercises you've come to know and love from MacGAMUT.

What does this mean for you?

Artusi will continue to sell and support MacGAMUT 6.3.0 and MFun 1.4 through this site, but our next steps will be bolder and be web-based rather than downloadable. Going forward we are committed to bringing the features you know and love from MacGAMUT to our entirely web-based platform that works on any device by Fall 2020.

In addition to ear training, Artusi already offers a complete suite of interactive tools for learning music theory, including self-grading exercises in four-part harmony, species counterpoint, and music fundamentals.

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How much does Artusi cost?

  • Artusi's introductory rate is $25/student for four months.
  • Instructor accounts are free.
  • Individual learning is free with our pre-made materials.
  • Artusi also offers site licenses for institutions. Please contact info@artusi.xyz for pricing.
  • Artusi can also be used for placement exams for $10/exam. Please contact info@artusi.xyz for implementation.