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NOTE for Macintosh 10.13.4 (or higher) High Sierra users: The first time you use MacGAMUT or MFun on 10.13.4 (or higher) High Sierra, you'll see a message warning you that MacGAMUT or MFun is a 32-bit application. We KNOW they are, and we're taking steps to deal with the issue. No need to notify us about something we're already well aware of. On the bright side, both MacGAMUT and MFun are programmed so efficiently that there is no loss of performance just because they're still 32-bit applications. In short, please ignore Apple's message!

NOTE for Macintosh 10.14 (or higher) Mojave users: If you see a warning that MacGAMUT's music notation cursors will not work, the problem is that you haven't yet updated to the latest (6.3.0c) version of MacGAMUT. You still won't see the regular music notation cursors because of a problem with Apple's new system, but instead of the substitute arrow cursor, you'll get a cross-hair cursor that's easy to use. Click here to go to the Web Installer page.

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