MacGAMUT Web Installers

MacGAMUT 6 Web Installers - these Installers will Update MacGAMUT 6 OR they will UPGRADE your MacGAMUT 2003 to the latest version of MacGAMUT 6.

MacGAMUT 2003 (Final 2003.12a) Installers - these installers will UPDATE MacGAMUT 2003 OR they will UPGRADE MacGAMUT 2000 to MacGAMUT 2003.

MacGAMUT 2000 (Final 2000.05) Updates - these updates are for MacGAMUT 2000.

MacGAMUT Instructor Materials

We strongly recommend that all instructors use the current version of the MacGAMUT Instructor Materials. The current installers will Update any version of MacGAMUT 6 Instructor Materials or UPGRADE MacGAMUT 2003 Instructor Materials to the latest version (Version 6.3.0c for Windows XP through Windows 10 and for Macintosh 10.5 through 10.14).

If you have adopted MacGAMUT 6 for use during the current academic year (i.e., you are requiring your students to buy MacGAMUT), just contact us, and we will be happy to send your new complimentary MacGAMUT 6 Registration Number. When you use your Instructor-use-only Registration Number to register MacGAMUT, we will send you the info about how to access the password-protected MacGAMUT Instructor Materials page on this website. (If you already have an Instructor-use-only Registration Number, you can just register again to automatically request this info even if you have not adopted MacGAMUT 6 for use during the current academic year.)

Click here to see the latest changes to the MacGAMUT Instructor Materials.

MFun Web Installers

MFun Web Installers will install the latest version of MFun: Music Fundamentals.