MacGAMUT 6 Instructor Materials

(6.3.0c for Windows XP through Windows 10 and for Macintosh 10.5 - 10.14, NOT 10.15)

****IMPORTANT INFO for Macintosh users: MacGAMUT and the MacGAMUT Instructor applications are 32-bit applicatiosn. That means they will not run on the new Macintosh system 10.15 (Catalina), tentatively scheduled for release in September 2019. Unfortunately, the new web apps we're developing will not be ready by then. That means if you want to try out 10.15 (Catalina) AND keep using MacGAMUT as well as any other 32-bit Macintosh applications you rely on, you'll either want to wait to install 10.15 or else install it on another partition or volume on your Macintosh. For info about how to partition your Macintosh, click here. Please be sure to share this information with your students.

If you have adopted MacGAMUT for 2019-20: Please use our online form to request your complimentary Instructor-use-only MacGAMUT Registration Number as well as info about how to access the password-protected MacGAMUT Instructor Materials page on this website (Version 6.3.0c for Windows and Macintosh). If you already have an Instructor-use-only Registration Number, you can just register again to automatically request this info even if you have not adopted MacGAMUT 6 for use during the current academic year. NOTE: Because the Instructor Materials are now available only from a secure page on our website, a "key" CD is no longer required to run the MacGAMUT Instructor applications.

MacGAMUT 6 Instructor Materials Changes since the original 6.0 version was released (latest version includes all of the following changes):

Version 6.3.0b changes:

  • Fixed a mistake in the correct answer for the same Harmonic Dictation exercise in MGProgressions 6 Rev.mgh, in MGProgressions 6.mgh, and in THProgressions 6.mgh.  If you have edited any of these libraries and you want to check your modified library to be sure this error is not in your library, the specific changes are:  in Level O, exercise 37, the second Roman Numeral analysis is now vii half diminished 65 of IV, the third Roman Numeral analysis is now IV, and the alto pitch in the second chord is now F4.
  • Updated the info in some text files.

Version 6.3.0 changes:

  • Change in the default presets:  The startMG6.mgs files students download from now comes with the revised Original Presets file (Original Presets Rev MG6.mgp) pre-installed as the default.  In a nutshell, these revised presets call the revised Harmonic Dictation library which starts with 7-chord progressions consisting only of tonic and dominant chords in root position, omits the old beginning levels of comparatively unmusical 2-chord “progressions,” and proceeds directly to the 3-chord progressions, which provide more significant harmonic context.  Most instructors tell us they prefer this less stressful introduction to Harmonic Dictation.  (For a fuller discussion of the issues, see A gentler intro to Harmonic Dictation in the Instructional Considerations section of the Instructor Guide.)  If you would prefer to continue using the original beginning Harmonic Dictation levels (the 2-chord levels), just tell your students to install the Original Presets.  For your convenience, if your students have installed version 6.3.0 or higher, they will find the Original Presets MG6.mgp file in the MacGAMUT Work Folder in their computer’s Documents folder along with the original MG Progressions library file, so you won’t need to provide them with these files if you want to use the original Harmonic Dictation levels.  (Normally, we don’t make alternative presets files available to students, but given that the Original Presets are more difficult than the Revised Presets, students aren’t likely to install them unless they have to!)
  • Change in dictation library names:  The libraries themselves have not changed, but the names have, primarily because students who were toddlers in 2003 tend to think that “2003” libraries must be terribly outdated (like the basics of music theory have changed!).  The new names for the default libraries are MGRhythms 6.mgr, MGMelodies 6.mgm, and MGProgressions Rev 6.mgh.  Library files with the same name except for “6” in place of “2003” (MGMelodies 6.mgm instead of MGMelodies 2003.mgm, for instance) are exactly the same library.  They contain the same exercises, and both are compatible with MacGAMUT 6.  You don’t need to edit your custom presets files because MacGAMUT 6.3.0 and higher is designed to accommodate the name changes.
  • Updated Musicians Guide Series library level names:  The level names in the MacGAMUT Dictation libraries that have “6” in their names have been updated to complement the third edition (2016) of the Musicians Guide Series.
  • Set Params:  Fixed an error that could occur in the Written and Keyboard Intervals Make My Own levels sections but very rarely caused any problems.  If the error exists in any of your current custom presets files, it will be fixed automatically when you open that file with Set Params 6.3.0 and higher. 

Version 6.2.8a change:

  • Windows Enter/Edit only:  Developed a workaround for a sound bug that first appeared in Windows 10 Insider Build 10162 in early July 2015, less than a month before the official release date of Windows 10.  According to Microsoft, this new sound bug may or may not be fixed in future releases of Windows 10, but either way, MacGAMUT users will avoid the problem if they download and install the 6.2.8a MacGAMUT Instructor Materials Installer for Windows.  Note:  Anyone (including students) who is or will be using Windows 10 will need to download and install the 6.2.8a MacGAMUT Web User Installer for Windows that also avoids this Windows 10 sound bug.

Version 6.2.8 changes:

  • Now that the instructor programs are available only from this password-protected page, a “key” CD is no longer required to run the instructor programs. 
  • Windows only:  Added a message referring users without MIDI capabilities to a solution for the problem (go to
  • Windows only:  Fixed a couple of minor, extremely rare problems in Enter/Edit Libraries.

Version 6.2.4 changes:

  • Added a slightly revised Harmonic Dictation Library (MG ProgressionsRev.mgh) and two new presets file options. Original Presets Rev MG6.mgp is the same as Original Presets MG6.mgp except for linking in the revised Harmonic Dictation library. The new Easier Presets MG6.mgp file (which also uses the revised Harmonic Dictation library) offers a ready-made option not quite as challenging for your students as the Original Presets. For more detailed info about the design and pedagogical intention of these new files, see pages 2 through 4 of the MacGAMUT News.
  • Windows only: In Enter/Edit Libraries, it is no longer possible to use a rest as the beginning "note" in Melodic Dictation or Rhythmic Dictation.
  • Macintosh only: Made some cosmetic changes necessary for 10.10 (Yosemite).

Version 6.2.0 changes:

  • Added special presets and libraries prepared by Alexander Sanchez-Behar for use with David Damschroder’s Listen and Sing textbook.  For detailed information about the contents and organization of these materials as well as information about coordinating Listen and Sing with MacGAMUT, please see the Listen and Sing Notes file.
  • Windows only: In Enter/Edit Libraries, further refined the complex routines which transpose modulatory melodies so chromatic and post-modulation pitches are even more likely to be spelled correctly when the melody is transposed. The new more sophisticated routines also help insure that MIDI/Virtual Keyboard entries of modulatory melodies will appear on-screen properly notated.
  • In Check Stats, simplified the way “Recalc” works.
  • Fixed one very minor error each in the Melodic Dictation and Harmonic Dictation libraries (same two errors fixed in the Original Libraries, the Musicians Guide Series Libraries, and the Tonal Harmony Libraries).

Version 6.1.5 changes:

  • Makes it easier to select components to be included in Check Stats reports and spreadsheet info by allowing instructors to select them by groups as well as individually.
  • Windows only: Fixes a bug in Enter/Edit Libraries that lost the “group” info when an entire level was duplicated.
  • Windows only: Improves the way file opening and saving works.
  • Macintosh only: Improves the way the library file selection dialog works in Set Params.
  • Includes revised presets and libraries specifically designed to accommodate changes in the second edition of The Musician’s Guide Series textbooks.
  • Includes some very minor improvements that most users are unlikely to notice.

Version 6.1.2a changes (Windows only):

  • Windows only:  Slightly refines the Enter/Edit Libraries 6.1.2 changes dealing with Melodic Dictation and Harmonic Dictation exercises that cannot be shown in C Major/a minor.

Version 6.1.2 changes (Windows only):

  • Windows only:  Enter/Edit Libraries 6.1.2 fixes the following:
    1. Fixes problems resulting from Harmonic Dictation exercises that could not be entered in or transposed to C Major/a minor because of range problems.  The problem occurred only in levels where transposition of exercises was allowed.
    2. Fixes problems resulting from Melodic Dictation exercises that could not appear in C major/a minor in any clef.  The problem occurred only in levels where transposition and/or clef changes of exercises were allowed.
    3. Fixes problems with showing a very few Melodic Dictation exercises within Enter/Edit.  The exercises themselves were fine, and they worked correctly in the user programs, but they looked odd in Enter/Edit.

Version 6.1.1 changes:

  • Introduces Enter/Edit Libraries for Windows! Enter/Edit allows instructors to edit, augment, or even replace any or all of the exercises in the various Rhythmic, Melodic, and/or Harmonic Dictation libraries furnished on the Instructor CD.
    If you are an Intel Macintosh user:  You can use the new Enter/Edit application on your own Macintosh computer. First, install a Windows OS in Boot Camp on your Mac, and then install the MacGAMUT Instructor programs for Windows on your Mac’s Windows partition.
  • Includes three very minor corrections to the original Melodic Dictation and Harmonic Dictation libraries (MGMelodies 2003.mgm and MGProgressions 2003.mgh) and to the Kostka/Payne Tonal Harmony Harmonic Dictation library (THProgressions 2003.mgh).  (Most recent changes were made in early October 2009.)

Version 6.1.0 changes:

  • Major addition!  Adds special presets and an HD library for use with Kostka/Payne’s Tonal Harmony textbook. For detailed information about the contents and organization of these materials, please see the Tonal Harmony Notes and MacGAMUT Assignments Summary files. The Kostka-Payne & MacGAMUT Coordination file offers a sample outline designed to help you coordinate Tonal Harmony and MacGAMUT Aural-training, Written, and Keyboard assignments throughout a two-year sequence of theory and aural-training courses.
  • IMPORTANT:  Changes the installation procedure to give you complete control over where the MacGAMUT Presets & Libraries are stored on your computer. You now need to download these files separately from this Web Installer.  For more info, see A Quick Start Guide.
  • Adds several minor refinements (too minor and too numerous to list separately) that make the MacGAMUT Instructor programs even more user-friendly.
  • Windows only:  Fixes a problem some Windows computers might have in recognizing MacGAMUT Instructor CDs in external or secondary CD/DVD drives.