MacGAMUT 2000 User Update

Mac and Windows (Version 2000.05)

These update installers will update any earlier version of MacGAMUT 2000 to the final MacGAMUT 2000.05 version. These installers can only be used to update MacGAMUT 2000. If you have not installed MacGAMUT from an original MacGAMUT 2000 CD-ROM, you cannot use these update installers, so there's no reason to download them.

PLEASE NOTE: This version is an update, NOT an UPGRADE. If you qualify for the UPGRADE to MacGAMUT 2003 (If you registered your MacGAMUT 2000 software on the web and downloaded your unique startup.mgs file), you should UPGRADE to MacGAMUT 2003.

MacGAMUT 2000 UPDATE Installers

Select the installer for your computer's operating system below.
Windows 98, Me, XP, NT MacGAMUT 2000.05 Win (1.9 MB)
To install the 2000.05 Update for Windows, click "Open" on the "Download complete" dialog box, or start by double-clicking the .exe file you have downloaded. Once the file has been unzipped, the installer will start automatically. Just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
Macintosh OS 7-9 MacGAMUT 2000.05 Mac (1.7 MB)
To install the 2000.05 Update for Macintosh, just double-click the MG 2000.05 Update Installer, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

Download info: If you download the update file directly to a Mac, you probably will not need StuffIt Expander™ to open it. In most cases, you can just double-click the .sea.hqx file on a Mac computer to create the Update installer. Depending on how your computer is set up, the file may unstuff automatically after you download it. If the file you download does not expand automatically and it also refuses to expand when you double-click it, you will need to drag the file to the Stuffit Expander icon to expand it and create the Update installer. If you do not have StuffIt Expander™, click here to download StuffIt Expander.