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Comments from MacGAMUT Users

Student taking dictation from a bird

“I just wanted to let whoever is in charge know that I introduced MacGAMUT to my music theory teacher freshman year at George Mason University, and since then, it has been a required product for each Theory, Sight-Singing, and Ear Training class. I love MacGAMUT and I thank you guys for all of the work you all put in!”  --A.M., Virginia

“I love MacGAMUT and I plan on using it in my own orchestra program after I graduate this May. Thank you guys so much for not only a great product but also incredible customer service and support!”  --A.M., Virginia

“Your program is amazing for music majors and the best help I've ever gotten for aural training!”  --M.F., California

"that worked perfect thanks a bunch! you guys are always a huge help. . . . i found your software immensely helpful while i was studying in school and would like to continue to use it to keep me fresh now that i am currently done with school." –B.B., Wisconsin

"thank you so much. your the best part of my Music theory class."  –G.M., Ohio

"Wow, thank you for the speedy service!" –T.K.

"Thank you SO very much, Bill.  You've solved my problem.  I didn't think it would be that easy." –A.B., Missouri

"Thank you so much for your time and help. I installed the newer version and now it works fine. Thank you very much." –A.R.

"Thanks for the awesome customer service, even on the 4th of July.  I am a music education major and I will definitely be recommending this product as part of my curriculum.  Thanks for a great product." –W.C.

"I really enjoy this software! It is a very fun way of doing assignments for my ear-training class."- –T.L., Alberta
"Your customer service is absolutely fantastic. You are quick to respond, friendly, and helpful. Thank you very much!" –A.M.F., Texas
"I've been using MacGamut as a supplement on my own, as my university has limited musicianship training. MacGamut is my favorite ear training program; it has the most comprehensive and best progression of graded exercises that I've found." –A.H.
"I'd like to congratulate you on the writing of the beset documentation I have seen so far. In addition to your amusing license agreement, you seem to have done all you can to communicate important information both accurately and in a way that visually gets across the important things." –E.E., Ontario
"Since yesterday, I've logged a couple of hours total in Chords, Harmonic Dictation, and Melodic Dictation.  Speaking as a working professional software designer, I'm very impressed with the program and the design choices.  I like the fact that Ann gave content and pedagogy priority over eye candy.  I'm also a late-in-life music student at a local university and am currently in my 4th semester of Theory and Aural Skills.  They've done an excellent job teaching sight-singing, but they don't use any CAI program for ear training.  I can tell already that my melodic and harmonic dictation skills would have been much farther along if I'd started using MacGAMUT two years ago." –M.E.
"I live and attend school in Waterloo, Ontario, south-west of Toronto.  I'm a so-called 'mature' student, returning to university after forty years in the music business.  Needless to say, it's been a 'tough slog'.  I came into the program with no piano back-ground and sketchy theoretical skills, not to mention inadequate academic habits.  Your program has helped me sharpen my ability to transcribe melodies and recognize chords and intervals."–G.S., Ontario
"I have just done my upgrade to MacGAMUT 6, and I am, indeed, responsible for sending people over to you. I don't know how I would have gotten this far in ear training without your products.
"Do you do group orders? If so, how many students would I need to get together for one? I understand that your product is already quite inexpensive and WELL worth the money, but a few students were wondering.[From the MacGAMUT staff:  The answer is, yes, we're happy to fill group orders of 5 or more, which gets you get a 20% discount!]  Much appreciated,"J. K., Michigan
"Thanks! Everything works fine now. This is by far the best tech support I think I've ever seen!" –Z.P., Mississippi
"Your customer service is absolutely fantastic. You are quick to respond, friendly, and helpful. Thank you very much!" –A.F., Texas
"I recently moved and, in the move, thought I had lost the MacGAMUT CD I purchased in 2002.  Luckily, I did not!  I was very excited to find my old CD, as it was a huge help in undergrad and will be wonderful review for my graduate school entrance exams.  Thanks again for your wonderful product!" –A.K., New Hampshire
"From what I have seen so far, this program is awesome!  I have been looking for something like this for a long time.  This will save me a lot of time in my studies." –J.S.
"I really like the MacGAMUT software I recently purchased.  It's given my ear a great workout.  Keep it up!  I am a software developer as well, so I know what you go through to kick out the software!" –C.H.
"Thank you thank you thank you! You guys are great! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Extremely relieved music theory student," –B.D., Virginia
"Thank you so much, your company's customer service is unparalleled. I will recommend your product to any up and coming student of music." –J.T., Washington
"I just wanted to say thank you for your online tech help.  I was having major sound problems, and I was easily able to fix them with the online directions!" –J.L., Ohio
"I just wanted to let you fine folks at MacGAMUT know that I have read the reviews on how sound the pedagogy is, and I have seen the benefits from using the program. With those things in the open, I feel better about saying that YOUR PROGRAM IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING ACADEMIC ENDEAVOR I'VE EVER VENTURED INTO! That's just because it's difficult and time-consuming. But, as I said earlier, I appreciate the program, and I plan on using it when I become a music teacher. I do put 95% of the blame for my being 19 years old and balding on your program, though. I think you should include a warning, 'Will cause frustration and potential hair loss.' I just wanted to get those things off my chest. Keep up the good work, and know thy you've made yourself another customer in about five years!"– P.W., Indiana
"I'm a first-year music major, and I have to say I quite enjoy your program. It can be extremely challenging at times, but it has helped my ear training, and the results are dramatic." –B.L., Ontario
"I just bought my books for the semester, and I'm still in shock! MacGAMUT was by far the cheapest required text. Thanks for a reasonably priced product." –B.D., California
"Thank you. I received the replacement CD today. Too bad Apple doesn't have such a great staff as you." –K.W., Minnesota
"Thanks for the very warm and personal response. I didn't expect one from the programmer herself! But then, when a piece of software is actually reasonably priced for a student's budget and is so simple to use yet such a valuable learning tool, what else should I expect? This is a great tool for ear training!" –T.G., Texas
"MacGAMUT is really easy to use. Finale should take lessons from you!" –S.K., Indiana
"I want to thank you for developing such a program at a reasonable price. As much as I and my fellow classmates get aggravated by the difficult melodic dictation sessions, there is no doubt that MacGAMUT does, in fact, help train your ears. Thank you!" –R.H., Virginia
"Thank you so much! I really appreciate how you have helped me and how fast you reply to e-mails. MacGAMUT has superior tech support! Thank you again." –M.V.D., Ontario
"I want you to know that I am not only tolerating MacGAMUT, but I'm actually ENJOYING it now! I can't believe it." –A.K., Colorado
"Now that's what I call technical support. Wow! Not even 15 minutes since I sent the request. Thanks." –J.B., Alabama
"MacGAMUT has been a very beneficial program in improving my ear training." –J.K., Ontario
"Thanks for the immediate answer and successful solution to my tech support problem. I continue to be extremely impressed with your company in all aspects. I am the Chief Technical Officer of a software company, although we sell a very different kind of software. I know how difficult it can be. I look forward to working with the software." –M.N., New Jersey
"I think one of these days I shall have to come to Columbus and take you out for a beer! IT WORKS! IT WORKS! IT WORKS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Well, maybe a big steak and lobster dinner! This is worth more than a beer! I can't believe it. I might even get my first assignment in on time. Thanks!" –B.V.
"My graduate degree is in music, even though I'm in computers now, and I think the program itself is great. I wish more programmers and companies took the time to get out a program with as few bugs as MacGAMUT. If they did, my job would be SO much easier. Keep up the good work!" –P.H., Iowa
" I love this program!" –T.S., Mississippi
"Thanks so much for your speedy assistance. Your suggestions were very useful in solving my problem. I did everything you told me to do, and the program is working perfectly now. I should be able to get A's in all my ear-training classes from now on!" –M.K., Missouri
"You are a lifesaver! I can't believe the level of support!" –H.S., Texas
"Amazing!  I haven't enjoyed customer service like this since. . . .  Nope.  This is a first. Thank you!" –P.L., Kentucky
"MacGAMUT has helped me to improve my grade in Aural Training. I come from a very long line of tone-deaf band-dropouts, so the class is very difficult for me." –E.S., Ohio
"I have used many different types of ear-training software throughout my musical studies (undergraduate and graduate) and think that MacGAMUT is the best!" –M.B., Indiana
"I purchased MacGAMUT some years ago in order to pass an undergraduate ear-training test. I completed the requirements for an M.M. over ten years ago. I had tested out of two years of undergraduate harmony and analysis but failed the ear-training part of the exam. I could either pass the ET exam or take ET at the private school, which would have been very expensive. So, I got MacGAMUT and spent about one hour per evening for about four months. Even when I thought I hit my ceiling in some area, I managed to keep improving. I took the exam and passed it. This time it seemed very easy--two years of undergraduate ear-training, only using MacGAMUT. I have to say that I really enjoyed using it; it became a challenging game. So, thanks again for this product. $35 saved me about $4,000!" –M.H., Maryland
"Thanks! What a breath of fresh air to see a company stand behind their product!" –V.S., Mississippi

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Comments from MacGAMUT Instructors:

Ringmaster ear trainer

"I am so pleased to learn about your revisions to the Harmonic Sequence portion of MacGAMUT and I look forward to implementing the revisions in my courses." --T.H., Michigan

"I'm really glad you have extended the early harmonic dictation progressions. It will indeed make life easier for new students." --K.B.G., North Carolina

"I'm among those who received your update today--a fascinating writeup. Even with all my years of ET teaching to pretty average 'state school' music majors, I'll go to my grave uncertain about The One Best Way to teach all this stuff. I only teach 2nd year ET these days, but I grinned while reading your e-mail, as I'd long since settled on the seven-chord length (my students parody my saying 'quarter-quarter-quarter-quarter-quarter-quarter-half,' I do believe. --G.F., Wisconsin

"In my remedial classes, I now have a reversed classroom with MFun as the source of information and drilling and MacGAMUT for more theory drills and the aural drills. In class, we work on sight-singing and aural drills as well as working on strategies for dictation. This is the first full year with MFun and my Theory I students are working on simple four-part writing in root position. I am hoping that they will have a very high pass rate in Theory I." --S.B., Ohio

“Thank you for your continuing efforts in developing this program and keeping it affordable.  It remains among the most useful programs in assisting students with the development of essential musicianship skills.” --H.P., Florida

“I've used your MacGamut before and I love it!!” --E.H., Oklahoma

“For sure we will keep using MacGAMUT and you will have orders from our students here in Mexico in August. Thanks and congratulations; your little company is an inspiration for all of us who truly believe that education can make a huge change.” --B.C., Mexico

“Thanks Ann for the great work you do.  MacGAMUT is really helping students learn good work habits and work on developing their ears.  Personally I find the theory drilling as important as the aural skills. All of them can spell scales, intervals and chords correctly!“ --S.B., Ohio

"MacGAMUT is a wonderful product!" --H.G.Y., West Virginia

"I've been using MacGamut for a very long time with private students but would really like to try MFun for the younger and less experienced students. Great software!!! Thank you!" –G.S., California

"I appreciate your commitment to make MacGamut even better."  –L.U., Indiana

"Best wishes and thanks for MacG and MFun. I am big fan and have used MacG for nine years in my classes."  –D.Z.D., Alabama

"Thank you for all you do!"  –M.R., South Carolina

"Have been using MacGamut for many years.  Love it."  –B.D., Oklahoma

"Thanks so much for all of your efforts on behalf of musicianship teachers everywhere!"  –M.M., Taiwan

"Just wanted to let you know this did the trick. Many thanks for all of your help—and your prompt reply!"  –C.T., Arkansas

"Love this program!"  –R.B., California, AP Music Theory

"I taught with MacGamut for the first time this summer and loved it!" –N.B., Ohio

"We have been ordering your software though our bookstore for several years now, and we appreciate what MacGAMUT does for our students."  –J.K., Kansas

"[Bill,] you are a genius!"  –L.B.

"This is my fourth year using Macgamut, and it has been an absolutely wonderful program!"–M.M., Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

"Bill—I appear to have completed this task successfully.  Thanks for your patient assistance."  –B.K., Connecticut

"MacGAMUT is the only teaching tool where students can’t cheat on the exercises. Many textbooks advocate their e-texts and online exercises. They may be good for drill purposes, but to use them for homework is less effective because students today are much keener than many of the folks who program these exercises. With MacGAMUT, the instructor can call up an individual student’s file and see the time the student has put into the work, the number of attempts, and so forth. With other programs and textbooks, the student e-mails the results and we see only a finished assignment. I use MacGAMUT because it makes the students do the work. They do not understand that there is no easy way, and sadly, many other programs want to offer an ‘easy’ solution to the students. I really like your product, even though most students don’t like it at all. Why? Because you have worked hard to make sure they understand that to learn music you have to listen, and that is an acquired skill which takes practice." –G.B., Missouri
"You know what I really like about you - you throw your whole heart and soul into everything you do - including answering my questions!  Thank you ever-so-much for providing us with such a fantastic product in MacGAMUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" –M.M., Taiwan
"I really appreciate all your work on this important and epic creation! The students complain bitterly. . . and yet they continue to ace their grad school aural skills exams. So hooray for you and thanks very much." –K.H., Georgia
"Thank you for incorporating library editing features for Windows users! I use my own unique libraries, and it was cumbersome for me to borrow someone else’s Mac computer." –J.M., Pennsylvania
"I appreciate how complex it is to design and update cross-platform software. Personally, I’m glad you’re still active with MacGAMUT because it has been tremendously useful for my teaching. There is no other software that does what yours does so well. Thanks for ‘keepin’ on!’" –L.H., Arkansas
"You and your team have always been so helpful. Here it is, a Friday afternoon—and Good Friday holiday for many—and you’re answering work emails! I remember the time when I sent a tech support e-mail after 9:00 PM on a weeknight, and an answer came back within a half hour! I was shocked!" –D.S., Pennsylvania
"Tell Ann how much we appreciate her continuing work and the bargain pricing!" –K.T., Oklahoma
"Thank you for this great [Enter/Edit Libraries] program and for MacGAMUT as a whole! To have a program as exceptional as MacGAMUT is one thing, but to know that a real human being is behind it is what matters most. Thank you for your care of my students, both personally and through Bill and the very useful website" –B.C., Ohio
"I will be teaching an Ear Training course this Fall, and will be using MacGamut once again.  Thank you for finally incorporating Library edit features for Windows users!  I use my own unique libraries, and it was most cumbersome for me to borrow someone's Mac computer." –J.M., Pennsylvania
"I had a great semester using MacGamut for the first time.  My students did not like how 'revealing' it was regarding their study habits, but I feel that this is one of the best features of the program." –P.A.J., Virginia
"Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to students.  MacGamut has certainly stood the test of time, and I look forward to the new version!" –D.M., Texas
"Enter/Edit Libraries is a great addition!  Thank you for always trying to make MacGamut better each year.  The program is a great help to me and my students." –B.C., Ohio
"First, let me say that I've been using MacGAMUT for one year now and I think its a fantastic tool.  I mean, better then works well and really helps the students (those who actually practice, I dream of a world where students actually practice!)  Second, congratulations on building an excellent tool and being able to support it really well.  Third, your decision to no longer require the CD to be in the computer while using MacGAMUT is a very good one from the standpoint of usability and convenience." –D.S., Alberta
"Over the past five years, I have e mailed you for help numerous times  and have also frequently referred students to you. You have always been prompt, diligent and thorough with your help. Just wanted to say thanks." –A.B., Saskatchewan
"Thanks very much.  I also conduct the orchestra here and have found doing harmonic dictation every day, singing each line, to be invaluable.  I only wish my students would believe me - it helps when I show them my start-up file with over 1,000 hours of harmonic dictation, but still......" –R.R., South Dakota
"I have students of various ages, from 5-55, and different abilities, from beginners to those with perfect pitch.  I want to include some ear training elements in my curriculum, and I immediately thought of MacGamut." –A.G., California
"I am a music instructor in southern California.  I used the MacGamut software for 2 years during school, and I remember what an amazing difference it made in my ear training and overall musicianship." –California
 "We adopted your program last year and found it to be very successful." –K.D., Manitoba
"We've been using MacGamut from the beginning, so we are excited about the new aspects." –K.M., Texas
"We continue to use MacGAMUT as our ear-training software.  Keep up with the good work. This looks like another good update." –M.I., California
"Right now I'm working  on  custom melodic and harmonic libraries that correlate with our  instruction.  MacGamut has been a staple of student practice and a great evaluation tool for me." –D.P., Texas
"Just wanted you to know how excited I am for your continued success with MacGamut.  While I haven't been involved with the Aural Skills for several years now, I still get excited about all the things you are contributing to the betterment of the education of our young people.  Thank you!" –D.T., Idaho
"I maintain my unbridled enthusiasm for your terrific product!" –M.M., Taiwan
"I've been using MacGamut for 10 years now and have found it to be a great supplement to my courses." –M.S., Colorado
"I'm very pleased at the flexibility that MacGamut is offering me in the way I structure this course, and I'm going to try to get the other instructors to buy into this so that we can use MacGamut over three semesters instead of just this one. By the way, the tech support for MacGamut is amazing because they respond so quickly!" –J.P.V., Michigan
"I love the program. I've been using it for several years now. It is a wonderful tool." –J.H., Pennsylvania
"MacGamut is now required of all our students in Musicianship classes and they are just beginning to understand why they need this program, so the orders should continue for many years to come." –S.J., New York
"The kids are enjoying MacGAMUT 6.  My AP scores last year were the best yet.  I do believe it is because of the increased amount of MacGAMUT time that I required." –T.G., Tennessee
"We love this program and are thrilled to have this for our students. Thanks for the great product." –J.P.C. and J.A.K., Nebraska
"I'm a music instructor who has using your program for a few years. Thanks for such a great program, it's been extremely helpful in my classes." –J.D., Maryland
"We are simply delighted with the software.  We are planning of extending its use to all other music theory classes, so you will continue to hear from us." –M.C., Florida
"MacGamut has been a staple of student practice and a  great evaluation tool for me." –D.P., Texas
"We continue to use MacGAMUT as our ear-training software.  Keep up with the good work. This looks like another good update.  Thank you."  –M.I., California
"We've been using MacGAMUT now for a number of years and are very pleased with MacGAMUT 6." –K.D., Michigan
"We're actually placing greater emphasis on MG this year (thanks everybody over there!)" –J.S., Mississippi
"We've been using MacGamut from the beginning, so we are excited about the new aspects. Thanks!" K.M., Texas
"I am a piano teacher, though the bulk of my employment is as a web developer.  MacGAMUT is the best program I've encountered in my computational history and is a great musical achievement.  "I appreciate MacGAMUT as an accurate, self-correcting interface to a set of exercises for developing the musical sense in relation to musical notation, allowing users to balance what areas need more attempts than others.  Although it is possible to work from a textbook, a piano, or a pitch pipe to develop the musical sense, MacGAMUT allows someone to cover more ground more directly, especially for the more complex chord and harmonization exercises, than a more prolonged/tiring approach such as 1) deciding what element to approach, 2) sounding a tone or set of tones, 3) singing from the decision, then 4) verifying correctness.  Also, MacGAMUT can span register distributions beyond a usual singing range, as well as sounding harmony.  It's also less questionable whether the sounding device is in tune or not, and it's more portable from a laptop than a piano (a pitch pipe doesn't have much of a range)." –D.S., Illinois 
"Thanks for the expected response.  The response was expected not because that's how people normally do business, but because for years now I have realized that you have an extraordinarily sensible and compassionate way of doing business!  My hat's off!" –M.M., Taiwan
"This will be the third year that I have used MacGAMUT in my music theory classes, and it really helps!" –A.M., Mississippi
"I teach AP Music Theory in a Nashville high school.  We use MacGAMUT as our ear-training software, and the results have been great!" –R.R., Tennessee
"Thanks for your outstanding work with MacGAMUT." –K.T., Oklahoma
"Thanks, Ann, that is great news!  Just this past week, I was discussing with a student how nice it would be to move notes [in MacGAMUT exercises] using arrow keys, so it's like you read my mind!  Your efforts are appreciated.  By the way, I am enjoying using MacGAMUT on both Mac OS X and Windows."  –J.D., Florida 
"We are planning to use MacGAMUT indefinitely!  It's great!" –S.S., Rhode Island 
"It's fabulous that there's now so much MIDI entry possible in MacGAMUT!  The 4-part MIDI dictation works really well!" –D.F., Illinois 
"I have recently downloaded the demo version of the software, and I have adopted it for all the music theory courses I teach.  This software is revolutionary because it will help my students immensely!" –G.M.L., Arkansas 
"This MacGAMUT is awesome! This is my first time using software with my theory class, and it worked out great." –J.H., Tennessee
"After just one term using MacGAMUT software, there has been an exceptional improvement in the entire group of music theory students. Most notably, the students who were at risk of failing aural skills are now performing at a solid C+ level in aural dictation exams. The greatest area of improvement has been in the area of melodic dictation. Students are not only able to dictate the interior notes and intervals of the given melodies, but they also have a much greater affinity for tonic and dominant as tonal reference points. Again, this is after just one term of using MacGAMUT software!" –R.A., South Dakota
"Thanks once again for the quickest response in tech support around!" –T.C., Pennsylvania
"First, let me say that MacGAMUT is GREAT!!!!! I started using it in 2001, and it is the best addition to my music theory course ever!!!! In addition to a wonderful product, the technical support is also outstanding. I have spoken with your support staff on the phone several times, and all were friendly, helpful, and spoke in non-technical language I could understand. Again, many thanks for creating and developing MacGAMUT." –H.G., West Virginia
"My Department Chair is very pleased with the progress my students have been making since I began teaching our Aural Skills classes last year, and I know that much of it has to do with the repetition and instant feedback they are able to get with MacGAMUT on a regular basis. I appreciate everything you've done to keep this software affordable for my students and compatible with various operating systems." –T.H., Michigan
"I have nothing but good things to say about the service I've had from the MacGAMUT team over the years! If all companies treated their customers as you folks do, the world would be a lot nicer place!" –M.M., Taiwan
"Thank you for taking the time and effort to solve this problem. Your staff obviously sets the gold standard for customer service and technical prowess! Please share my sincere thanks with all concerned!" –B.A., Oklahoma
"I think you have a fantastic program, and I am even more impressed to hear how intelligently it grades! I've always told people that MacGAMUT is far more musical than other ear-training programs (no random progressions of chords, for one). Also you have incredible service. MacGAMUT is a fantastic tool, and I always open it up when students come to my office to get help with ear training. We work through practice problems so I can diagnose what they're doing and give them ways to improve. You wouldn't believe how my students are used to hearing the words 'Make My Own Drill' coming out of my mouth!" –R.H., Washington
"The students always hate MacGAMUT, but those who take it seriously end up admitting that it does them a world of good. By the way, Bill in tech support is phenomenal!!!" –G.C., Texas
"MacGAMUT has been an important part of the aural skills classes I have taught over the last three years, and I have taken advantage of the capabilities of the software to create harmonic dictation libraries that allow even better integration of MacGAMUT assignments into my instructional schedule. What a great feature to include in the software! I even use MacGAMUT myself just to stay sharp. Thanks for such a great tool that just keeps getting better with every new update!" –D.P., Texas
"We really like the program, and it has made a big difference in the students' ability to hear and respond." –D.D., Pennsylvania
"I have been using MacGAMUT for three years. During this time, the overall scores on the AP Music Theory Exam have improved. Last year, out of eighteen students, sixteen received 5s (highest score), while two received 4s. Much of the AP Music Theory Exam is based on aural training, and the drills in MacGAMUT match exactly what students must identify, dictate, or recognize to do well on the AP exam. I will be using MacGAMUT every year I continue to teach AP music Theory." –D.E., North Carolina
"Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly.  I really appreciate your help.  I want you to know that we think your tech support for MacGAMUT is outstanding.  We are very happy with the program.  I am coordinating freshman aural training next year, and I will be requiring MacGAMUT for the course.  Thanks again."   –T.C., Pennsylvania
"The MacGAMUT staff is great to work with, anticipates potential problems, but most importantly is truly concerned about education.  AND you have a great product.  Thanks again." –D.T., Idaho
"I have used MacGAMUT in my AP Theory music class for five years. My students are required to spend 40-80 minutes a week using MacGAMUT to help develop their ear-training skills. The program allows me to challenge students on an individual level and to track the progress of each student in every area. We have found MacGAMUT to be very easy to use and install. I highly recommend the use of MacGAMUT to reinforce ear-training and dictation skills." –T.G., Tennessee
"I'm floored! Wow! Thanks! Bravo! Thanks for following up on this. My initial tests worked great! I'll run some more repeated tests; if it works OK, I'll go ahead and deploy the upgrade to all the stations. Once again, thanks for all the wonderful, outstanding, just plain great support! –C.M., Connecticut
"After 2 1/2 semesters of MacGAMUT with my current students, I have had several spontaneously give unsolicited testimony that MacGAMUT is improving their ears!!! Halleluiah!" –M.M., Taiwan
"Thank you for being so helpful.  I assumed I would have to wait on hold for a long time just to get my problem heard.  However, your customer service was the most helpful I have ever been in contact with.  Thanks again." –D.L., Kentucky
"Our high school offers a Music Theory/AP Music Theory combination course. Without MacGAMUT software, we could not possibly provide such a dual-level course with any success. Weekly MacGAMUT ear-training assignments are given to the AP Music Theory students. These students' work in MacGAMUT, along with their sight-singing work, differentiates the course from a regular Music Theory designation to an AP course. Each year, several students from the AP class choose to take the AP Music Theory Exam. They always tell me their work with MacGAMUT made all the difference in their preparation for the ear-training portion of the exam. We begin the year using the Prep Presets. However, by the end of January, all of the AP students have finished the Prep settings and work on the regular settings for the second semester. I often hear from alumni who are college music majors. They always report that the time they spent with MacGAMUT was not only valuable in high school but continues to be time well spent as they use their MacGAMUT software in college. Thank you for creating a most valuable tool for developing the most important asset any musician has--the ears!" –L.K., Ohio
"After using many skittish and incomplete products, I think yours is a truly fine program. I used it teaching at several universities before taking this position." –P.L., California
"I just gave a dictation test to my second semester Theory 1 students. Best scores ever: 13 A's, 5 B's, 1 C, 1 D, 2 F's (one came in late). They do MacGAMUT unwillingly. Then they jump for joy when they see the results. Undeniably, I'm your biggest fan." –K.M., Colorado
"We have again adopted MacGAMUT for our Fundamentals and Ear Training classes. I really enjoy using MacGAMUT, and my students who work with it are reaching higher levels of skill, particularly in harmonic dictation. Thanks for keeping it up to date and so affordable." –K.T., Oklahoma
"It is now 4 years that we have used MacGAMUT and we LOVE it; what a great tool it is for our students." –F.R., California
"I got my teaching evaluation comments from my students today. I'm sure this is stuff you've heard before, but they don't always like using MacGAMUT. . . . Some just don't like spending the time working on it, and I think a lot of them get a little frustrated because the program pulls no punches. If they are bad at melodic dictation, they find out how bad they are right away (and, on the flip side, they can see just how much they improve with regular practice). I just wanted you to know that most of the ones who said they didn't like using it also said that they knew they needed it and that it helped them. When they complain to me about it, I tell them that it is like broccoli: they may not like it, but it is very good for them. Life can't be all hot fudge sundaes (but music can be, when you have a good ear!)."–T.C., Pennsylvania
"Thanks so much for this AWESOME teaching tool."–A.T., British Columbia
"The interesting thing is that students in classes which don't require MacGAMUT often buy it anyway, hearing from their friends how it helps their ear training. So, I ordered about 15 more than we'd actually require for those students. My students love the application!"–K.M., Colorado
"The theory faculty here encourages all of our students taking aural skills classes to utilize the Make My Own Drill part of the program. I find it a real strength. If all students would use MacGAMUT regularly, their hearing would improve greatly. Thanks for all that you do."–W.T.M., Missouri
"Thanks, Ann, for being the leader in developing software that is practical for developing skills, user-friendly, and constantly updated! It is by far the best of all the software packages for music theory that we have tried here. I do sing your praises!" –K.T., Oklahoma
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