MacGAMUT 6 Textbook-specific Materials

While individual instructors have always been able to custom-tailor the order, content, and presentation of MacGAMUT drills to suit any textbook, curriculum, and teaching style, these materials provide ready-made coordination of MacGAMUT's computerized drills with specific textbooks.  Coupled with MacGAMUT's widely acknowledged effectiveness and reliability, these materials offer instructors an integrated, cohesive set of teaching tools to complement these textbooks.

If you are adopting MacGAMUT for use with your students, information about how to download your copy of the special presets and libraries is part of the MacGAMUT Instructor Materials.  A demo version of these materials is also available as part of  the Instructor Demo.  (Please note that both the Instructor Materials and the Instructor Demo are available only to instructors.)

Currently, MacGAMUT text-specific materials are available for:

Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka, Dorothy Payne, and Byron Almén; published by McGraw-Hill:

For information about using MacGAMUT with Tonal Harmony, click here.

For a four-semester course outline, coordinating Tonal Harmony chapters with MacGAMUT assignments, click here.

The Musician's Guide Series

Aural Skills by Paul Murphy, Joel Phillips, Eilzabeth West Marvin, and Jane Piper Clendinning; Theory and Analysis by Jane Piper Clendinning and Elizabeth West Marvin; published by W. W. Norton:

For information about using MacGAMUT with The Musician's Guide Series, click here.

Listen and Sing by David Damschroder; published by Schirmer/Cengage Learning:

Presets and libraries prepared by Alexander Sanchez-Behar. For information about using MacGAMUT with Listen and Sing, click here.