For Instructors Only

BREAKING NEWS: We have held our suggested retail price at $40 since 2008. But, to maintain our low pricing, we must reduce our production, distribution, and accounting costs. We are now offering our titles only as downloads and only as online credit/debit card sales through our website. In other words, we are no longer selling packaged CD-ROMs.

We understand that scholarship students at some institutions are required to buy all their course texts through a brick-and-mortar bookstore. If yours is one of those institutions, please ask your bookstore textbook manager to e-mail us at for more info about how they can continue offering our two titles to that limited student population through your bookstore.

If you're adopting MFun as a course text:

If you're adopting MFun as a course text, please use our online form to request your complimentary Instructor-use-only Registration Number as well as info about how to access the password-protected MFun Instructor Materials page on this website. These Materials, include MFun OpenTranscripts, which allows you to see all the detailed stats for each student's MFun work (and export those stats to a spreadsheet if you choose), as well as MFun Create Settings, which allows you to customize various aspects of MFun's quizzes (for example, how many questions are included in each quiz, whether the quiz is required, how many times the student may be repeat the quiz, etc.). MFun's default settings and a more difficult settings file intended for music majors or students who hope to become music majors are also included on that page.

If additional instructors (including GTAs) will be using MFun in their classes, we'd be pleased to send them each a complimentary Instructor-use-only MFun Registration Number and access to the MFun Instructor Materials.  Just include the names and e-mail addresses of the other instructors as part of your request.  If you can't wait to learn more about how MFun operates or to start considering your instructor options for customizing MFun, you can use the links below to see the MFun User Guide, the complete list of MFun drills and quizzes, and the contents of the two different settings files (which you can customize further if you wish)!

Click to see or print MFun User Guide.pdf

Click to see or print MFun_Drill_and_Quiz_List.pdf

Click to see or print MFun_Default_Settings_Info.xlsx

Click to see or print MFun_Music_Major_Settings_Info.xlsx

Or Click here if you are considering adoption and want to request your MFun Instructor Demo CD!