Instructors: Try MFun for Mac and Windows!

If you are not an instructor: Sorry, but there is not yet a mini demo version of MFun for students to try out. But if you want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of music, MFun: Music Fundamentals is such a tremendous bargain at only $40 that you probably don't even need to see a mini demo!

For instructors: If you want to try out MFun for yourself to see how it will work for you and your students, request the MFun Instructor Demo.

The Instructor Demo includes

  • the complete eText your students will be using
  • abbreviated versions of all the Drills and Quizzes for you to try out yourself
  • a representative sample of the Written Exercise modules
  • a demo version of Open Transcripts, the Instructor Materials program that lets you quickly and easily decrypt all your students' Transcript files with the option of exporting the data to a spreadsheet
  • a demo of Create Settings, the Instructor Materials program that lets you fine-tune the way Quizzes operate to suit your student population and your teaching strategy
  • detailed information about how you can customize MFun to match your curriculum and the way you teach.

The MFun Instructor Demo is FREE, but it is available ONLY to teachers.

If you can't wait to find out more about MFun, click here to download the Complete Guide to MFun: Music Fundamentals. And for even more information,

Click to see or print MFun_Drill_and_Quiz_List.pdf

Click to see or print MFun_Default_Settings_Info.xlsx

Click to see or print MFun_Music_Major_Settings_Info.xlsx

Or, if you have already decided to adopt MFun:

click here for info about your complimentary MFun Instructor-use-only Registration Number and access to the MFun Instructor Materials!