IMPORTANT: To be sure you receive your registration confirmation e-mail, please add to your safe senders list in your e-mail program before you finish registering!

Why Register?

Before you can use MacGAMUT or MFun for the first time, you must complete this simple registration process. Once you've registered online, you will receive your own user data file (a start6.mgs file for MacGAMUT or a Transcript.mft file for MFun). Your file will have your name and Registration Number permanently embedded in it. This file is your "key" or license to use the product you have purchased, and you'll need to locate your start6.mgs file each time you use MacGAMUT or your Transcript.mft file each time you use MFun. In fact, the quickest way to start MacGAMUT or MFun is by double-clicking on your data file.

Register Online Now

You will need your Registration Number. (If you have not yet purchased your Registration Number, click the green Order Online button at the top of the page to buy one now.) Make a note of this Registration Number and keep it in a safe place. If you sometimes have difficulty remembering your name, you may want to make note of that, too! Once you have completed registration, your registered name cannot be changed.

Whether you are a new user registering for the first time, or you need a replacement data file:

After Registration

Guarding Your Data File

Once you've registered, you will receive your user data file. It's up to you to keep track of it and make regular backup copies. But, if you somehow lose all copies of this file, you can always return to the registration page and pick up another copy. Just register as you did before, using the same Registration Number and the same name you registered under the first time. Of course, your replacement file will start you back at "zero," and you'll lose credit for all the work you've done. So you'll be much happier keeping careful track of the file you've been using and making regular backup copies, so you never need a replacement!