How To Contact Us

Many of the questions you might have are probably answered in this website.

For specific issues, check the FAQ's (Frequently-Asked Questions). If you don't find the information or help you are looking for on these web pages, please contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. We do our best to deal with your concerns the way we wish other companies would handle our concerns!

NOTE for Macintosh 10.13.4 (or higher) High Sierra users: The first time you use MacGAMUT or MFun on 10.13.4 (or higher) High Sierra, you'll see a message warning you that MacGAMUT or MFun is a 32-bit application. We KNOW they are, and we're taking steps to deal with the issue. No need to notify us about something we're already well aware of. On the bright side, both MacGAMUT and MFun are programmed so efficiently that there is no loss of performance just because they're still 32-bit applications. In short, please ignore Apple's message!

NOTE for Macintosh 10.14 (or higher) Mojave users: If you see a warning that MacGAMUT's music notation cursors will not work, the problem is that you haven't yet updated to the latest (6.3.0c) version of MacGAMUT. You still won't see the regular music notation cursors because of a problem with Apple's new system, but instead of the substitute arrow cursor, you'll get a cross-hair cursor that's easy to use. Click here to go to the Web Installer page.

Having Problems?

Please note: If you are having a problem with our software and are not using the latest version of MacGAMUT (Version 6.3.0c for both Windows and Macintosh) or MFun (Version 1.4.3b for both Windows and Macintosh), chances are very good that your problem will be solved if you download and install the latest version (click here to go to the Installers pages). If that doesn't fix your problem, please visit our Tech Support pages. If you don't find the info you need there or on our FAQs pages, the fastest way to get tech support is to use our Online Contact Tech Support Form. Calling or e-mailing the business office is NOT the fastest way to get tech support.

If you're having trouble placing an order and need to contact our business office, use our Online Business Office Contact Form.

Have Suggestions?

If you have a suggestion about how we could improve MacGAMUT or MFun, please let us know.

Want to Upgrade, Update, or Reinstall MacGAMUT?

If you you want to upgrade, update, or reinstall your MacGAMUT User software, there's no need to contact us. Simply go to our installers pages.

Bookstore Ordering?

We are now offering our titles only as downloads and only as online credit/debit card sales through our website. In other words, we are no longer wholesaling packaged CD-ROMs for you to display with other course texts on your bookstore shelves. In addition, we are no longer accepting POs. However, we understand that scholarship/financial aid students at some institutions are required to buy all their course texts through a brick-and-mortar bookstore. If yours is one of those stores, please e-mail us at for more info about how you can continue offering our two titles to that limited student population through your bookstore.

Are You An Instructor?

  • If you are an instructor who has adopted MacGAMUT, or an instructor considering adoption, please go to the MacGAMUT Instructor page.
  • If you are an instructor who has adopted MFun, please use our online Contact Form to request your complimentary desk copy of MFun. If you are an instructor considering adoption of MFun, please click here.

General Questions

As noted above, the fastest way to get help from Tech Support (including questions about how to install MacGAMUT or MFun, how to reinstall it, how to get a replacement start or Transcript file, how to use any of the programs, etc.) is to use our Online Contact Tech Support Form. If you have a question about ordering MacGAMUT or MFun and can wait to have your question answered during normal business hours (EST), please use our Online Business Office Contact Form to contact our business office.

"Thanks for the very warm and personal response. I didn't expect one from the programmer herself! But then, when a piece of software is actually reasonably priced for a student's budget and is so simple to use yet such a valuable learning tool, what else should I expect? This is a great tool for ear training!" --T.G., Texas

"MFun was a total success and the students really like the program!"  –K.H., West Virginia

"Love your products, and appreciate your support very much." --L.H., Arkansas

"You all are wonderful to deal with and I appreciate your quick response."  --K.H., Florida