MacGAMUT 2003 Installers

Updating or Upgrading?

If you purchased MacGAMUT 2003 you qualify for a FREE upgrade to MacGAMUT 6 and should do so instead of updating. Click here to start upgrading to MacGAMUT 6 from 2003. However, if you have purchased MacGAMUT 2000, have UPGRADED to 2003 previously and wish to update to the final version of MacGAMUT 2003 you should UPDATE your software.

If you purchased and registered your MacGAMUT 2000 software on the web and downloaded your unique user .mgs file you can UPGRADE for FREE to MacGAMUT 2003.

If you did not purchase MacGAMUT 2000 or 2003, there is no point in downloading and installing these files because you need 1) a MacGAMUT 2000 or MacGAMUT 2003 "key" CD, and 2) a registered MacGAMUT startup.mgs or start2003.mgs file to use the final 2003 version of MacGAMUT.

If the last version you bought was MacGAMUT 3.8 (Mac-only floppy disk), and you would like to have all the improvements and enhancements in MacGAMUT 6, it's time to buy a new version. Click here for ordering info (including online ordering). If you'd rather continue using MacGAMUT 2000 instead of buying the new version, but you don't have the final revision (MacGAMUT 2000.05), click here to go to the MacGAMUT 2000 installer page.

Note: The installers on this page do not include the MacGAMUT Music Theory Basics materials or the How to Manage Your Start File video, both new features in MacGAMUT 2003.12. Because of the size of these additional materials, they are available as separate downloads. Click here after updating/upgrading to go to the MacGAMUT Extras download page.

UPGRADE/Update to the final version of MacGAMUT 2003


  • you have purchased a MacGAMUT 2000 User CD. (If you purchased a MacGAMUT 2003 User CD, click here to UPGRADE to MacGAMUT 6 instead of using the installers on this page.)
  • you have your "key" CD
  • you have registered your MacGAMUT 2000 CD and have downloaded your personal startup.mgs file.

If you have not met the requirements above, you cannot upgrade.

Version 2003.12a for Windows 98 through Vista
Version 2003.12a for Mac OS X (10.2.8 and higher)
Version 2003.10 for Mac OS 7 through 9

These installers will Update any MacGAMUT 2003 version or UPGRADE any MacGAMUT 2000 version to the final 2003 versions listed above!

MacGAMUT 2003 UPGRADE/Update Installers

Select the installer for your computer's operating system below.
Windows XP, NT, Vista, 7 MacGAMUT 2003.12a Win (2.5 MB)
If you download the file directly to a Windows computer, click "Run" on the "Download complete" dialog, or start by double-clicking the .exe file you have downloaded. Once the file has been unzipped, the installer will start automatically. Just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. Note: If you install this 2003.12a User UPGRADE, you do NOT need to install the 2003.12a User Update.
Macintosh OS X (10.2.8+, pre-Intel only) MacGAMUT 2003.12a Mac (1.5 MB)
To install the MacGAMUT 2003.12a User CD UPGRADE for Macintosh, just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Note: If you install this 2003.12a User UPGRADE, you do NOT need to install the 2003.12a User Update.

Note: The installer will place all the MacGAMUT files, including the Text Files (e.g., READ ME FIRST, User Guide, and MacGAMUT Keyboard Shortcuts), in a folder labeled MacGAMUT 2003 for OS X in your Applications folder. If you have used your start file most recently on a pre-OS X Macintosh or in OS X Classic Mode, you will need to start the new OS X version the first time by double-clicking the MacGAMUT 2003 OSX application icon in your MacGAMUT 2003 for OS X folder. From then on, you can just double-click your start file to open MacGAMUT 2003 OSX.
Macintosh OS 7-9 MacGAMUT 2003.10 Mac (1.6 MB)
If you download the file directly to a Macintosh computer, the file may open automatically to create the installer. If it does not open automatically, you can drag the file to the StuffIt Expander™ icon to create the installer. If you do not have the latest version of StuffIt Expander™, the file may not expand correctly. Click here to get the current version of StuffIt Expander.

To install the MacGAMUT 2003.10 User CD UPGRADE for Macintosh, just double-click the MG 2003.10 UPGRADE installer, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Note: If you install this 2003.10 User UPGRADE, you do NOT need to install the 2003.10 User Update!


If you have already installed MacGAMUT 2003 and are just updating to the final version of MacGAMUT 2003, you're done! But if you're upgrading from MacGAMUT 2000:

After Upgrading, What is Next?

First, download the MacGAMUT 2003 UPGRADE and install it. Everything you need to UPGRADE to MacGAMUT 2003 is included in this FREE download, and your MacGAMUT 2000 CD will still work as your key CD for running MacGAMUT 2003.

Upgrading from MacGAMUT 2000

After you have installed MacGAMUT 2003, double-click your MacGAMUT 2000 startup.mgs file (2000 version) to start MacGAMUT 2003. (The name of the application that opens when you double-click your startup.mgs file will appear in the title bar of the application window.

For Mac users only: If you have already installed MacGAMUT 2003 and double-clicking your .mgs file starts MacGAMUT 2000 (for example, if it asks you to insert your MacGAMUT 2000 CD or if the name in the title bar is some version of MacGAMUT 2000) follow these steps:

  1. delete the MacGAMUT 2000 application (be sure to empty trash).
  2. next...
    • in OS 9: You can either install MacGAMUT 2003 again or else locate the MacGAMUT 2003 application the next time you double-click your start file. From then on, double-clicking your .mgs file should start MacGAMUT 2003.
    • in OS X: The MacGAMUT 2003 OSX version cannot upgrade MacGAMUT 2000 start files. If you do not have access to a Windows computer or a pre-OS X Macintosh system (including Classic on OS X), please send your MacGAMUT 2000 startup.mgs file to Tech Support for upgrading.

On Windows or in Macintosh OS 9, the MacGAMUT 2003 software will ask if you want to upgrade your current startup.mgs file, and it will also reassure you that your current startup.mgs file will not be altered during the upgrade process. Click CONTINUE (or YES on Windows), and you will be asked to save your new start2003.mgs file. The computer will suggest a new name that ends with start2003.mgs. The default location for saving the file will probably be the same place your current startup.mgs file is saved, but you should double-check the location so you know for sure where to find your new start2003.mgs file. Click SAVE, and MacGAMUT will translate the information in your startup.mgs file (2000 version) to the new format needed for your start2003.mgs file (2003 version) and then save it using the file name and location you specified.

IMPORTANT: Once your old startup.mgs file has been upgraded to the new MacGAMUT 2003 start2003.mgs format, be sure to start up from your new start2003.mgs file from now on. All of your statistics and presets info from the old file will be preserved in the new file, so you can begin working wherever you last worked in MacGAMUT 2000, and you won't lose credit for any work you did prior to the upgrade. It's still a good idea to keep a copy of your old startup.mgs file (2000 version) in a safe place, however. Should you ever lose all copies of your working start2003.mgs file, you could again use your old startup.mgs file to create a new start2003.mgs file.

Starting From Your start2003.mgs File

The easiest way to start up MacGAMUT is to double-click on your start2003.mgs file. Note for OS X users: If double-clicking your start file starts up MacGAMUT 2000 or MacGAMUT 2003 in Classic mode on your Macintosh OS X computer, double-click the MacGAMUT 2003 OSX application icon (located in the MacGAMUT 2003 for OS X folder in your Applications folder) to start the program, and then locate your start2003.mgs file. From then on, double-clicking your start2003.mgs file should start MacGAMUT 2003 OSX.

Keeping Track of Your start2003.mgs File

Your start2003.mgs file is a vital part of your MacGAMUT 2003 software, and you'll need to locate it each time you use the software. In fact, the quickest way to start the MacGAMUT 2003 application is by double-clicking on your start2003.mgs file. Both Macintosh and Windows computers will keep complete records of your MacGAMUT work in this file, automatically updating your statistics as you work. This file also stores your "presets," either the original settings that come with the program or customized presets designed by your instructor. You can change the start2003.mgs file's name, if you want, but always keep that .mgs on the end. You may want to watch the new introductory video called How to Manage Your Start File, which gives step-by-step instructions for getting started using MacGAMUT and for keeping track of your start2003.mgs file. If you've downloaded the UPGRADE to MacGAMUT 2003.12a from this website, you can download this "how-to" video separately. Click here to download the video.

It's a good idea to check out the Read Me First file (in the Text Files folder in the MacGAMUT 2003 Folder) for useful info to get you started using the software quickly and easily. If you have any difficulties or questions as you work on MacGAMUT, the answers are probably in the on-screen MG Help menu. If you need more information than you find under the MG Help menu, check out the User Guide 2003 and the Troubleshooting file, both located in the Text Files folder in the MacGAMUT 2003 Folder.

At the end of every session on MacGAMUT 2003, it's a good idea to make a back-up copy of your start2003.mgs file, just to be safe. Every time you quit work on MacGAMUT, the software invites you to make a back-up copy and even suggests a name, including both the current date and time. It's always a good idea to keep a back-up copy of your start2003.mgs file on a different disk than your working copy. That way, if disaster strikes and you lose your working file, you'll still have the back-up copy.

If you somehow lose the original and all backup copies of this file, you can create a replacement start2003.mgs file the same way you created your original start2003.mgs file. Just upgrade your MacGAMUT 2000 startup.mgs file again. Once you have your replacement start2003.mgs file, store a copy of your old startup.mgs file in a safe place again, just in case you ever need another replacement file. Sorry, but the replacement file will start you wherever you were when you last used MacGAMUT 2000. So you really don't want to lose all copies of your start2003.mgs file!

MacGAMUT 2003 Change History

MacGAMUT 2003.12a Changes:

  • Includes all the latest updates to MacGAMUT 2003 User CD software both for Windows (including Vista) and for Macintosh OS X.
  • Fixes a note-entry range problem in grand-staff Chord drills.
  • Windows only: Fixes an apparent sound check "freeze" problem that required a very few users to press the Enter key instead of clicking OK to continue.
  • OS X only: Fixes a possible disappearing bar line problem in Melodic and Rhythmic Dictation.

MacGAMUT 2003.12 Changes:

  • Adds a new way to move notes and accidentals up or down on the staff. You can now click on a single note or accidental, hold the mouse button down, and use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move the note or accidental up or down. Release the mouse button to fix the symbol in place.
  • Includes the first two units of MacGAMUT Music Theory Basics, covering Intervals and Scales. This sample of an in-progress computerized "book" offers a series of .pdf documents to help you learn the nuts and bolts of music theory. The "pages" of this reference are complete with music notation, sound, and lots of links from page to page to allow you to explore freely. To get the most out of these materials, please download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader if you have not already done so.
  • Includes a new How to Manage Your Start File video showing you step-by-step how to get started with MacGAMUT and how to keep track of your start2003.mgs file, the all-important file that stores the complete record of all the work you have done on MacGAMUT. Note: The current video title is Managing Your startMG6.mgs File, but if you substitute start 2003.mgs for every mention of startMG6.mgs, the video still tells you everything you need to know about managing your start2003.mgs file!
  • More fine-tuning of a variety of note-entry and screen-redrawing features, as well as numerous additional tiny changes most users are not even likely to notice!