Moodle for MacGAMUT and MFun

Convenient file exchange

   If you're an adopting instructor looking for a place in "THE CLOUD" where your students can easily submit their MacGAMUT startMG6.mgs and/or MFun: Music Fundamentals Transcript.mft files to you, we're hosting a Moodle site you're welcome to use. When your students upload their files to Moodle for you to download, there are none of the issues that can complicate attaching files to e-mails (no need to Zip stats files!).  
   The easy file exchange works the other way around, too. If you want your students to use alternative MFun Settings or MacGAMUT Presets/Library files, you can easily post your files to Moodle for each student to download and install.   

Handy file storage for your students, too

   Your students may well discover that Moodle is the handiest place to store their files for regular access.  When your students keep their individual working files on Moodle, those files are always readily available whenever and wherever students find time to work.
   Cloud storage may prove more convenient for your students than their carrying files about on flash drives, which may be too easily damaged, lost, or left behind. 

But Moodle can be so much more!

   Besides offering easy file accessibility in THE CLOUD, Moodle is an extremely versatile course management and course delivery tool. For instance, you may choose to put some or all of your course syllabus into Moodle, giving your students clear deadlines for when their assignments are due. On Moodle, your syllabus is always there, unlike a paper handout that students immediately lose.  
   If you want to extend these very basic uses of Moodle to include keeping your entire gradebook for your MacGAMUT/MFun course(s) on Moodle, you can do that as well.

I've laid the groundwork for you to build on    

   I've already set up the beginnings of two sample courses--one using MacGAMUT and another using MFun--which you can edit as needed and then go on to set up the rest of your own course as you wish.      I can provide instructions for how to do the basics (hopefully helping you avoid the mistakes I made when I first started working with Moodle!), so you won't be entirely on your own. Moodle docs also provide excellent guidance if you want to try something I haven't included in my instructions. 

Let's explore the possibilities together

   Mind you, I've not had a lot of experience working with Moodle myself, and I still have a lot to learn. But I'd be pleased to have some of you along for the ride so we can explore together the possibilities Moodle offers. I'm eager to see what Moodle can do for you and for your students.
   If you're interested in using Moodle for your MacGAMUT or MFun course(s), please let me know how many students you are likely to have and whether you have any prior experience with Moodle (or Blackboard or other similar online course management/course delivery tools).
   This is a new adventure for MacGAMUT, and I'm excited about Moodle's possibilities.  I hope you are too!

Ann K. Blombach