Instructors, request your MacGAMUT 6 Instructor Demo!

For instructors who are considering having their students use MacGAMUT, the downloadable MacGAMUT 6 Mini Demos on this website will give you a preview of the MacGAMUT software your students would be using.  But you can get a more complete picture of how both you and your students will use MacGAMUT if you request the MacGAMUT 6 Instructor Demo.

The Instructor Demo includes more complete Demo versions of the User software your students will use as well as Demos of the Instructor software, a suite of applications you can use to custom-tailor MacGAMUT 6 to the specific requirements of your curriculum, your teaching style, and your students. 

The Instructor Demo is FREE, but it is available ONLY to instructors.  To send us your request online, click here, and we'll e-mail you the info about how to access the downloadable Instructor Demo.

With the portability, flexibility, and ease of use MacGAMUT software offers your students, the next time students start with the excuses about why they haven't worked on their ear-training skills (and their basic Written and Keyboard skills), you can respond . . . .

No more excuses!

Or, if you have already decided to adopt MacGAMUT:

click here for info about your complimentary MacGAMUT Instructor-use-only Registration Number and access to the MacGAMUT Instructor Materials!