For Instructors Only

BREAKING NEWS: We have held our suggested retail price at $40 since 2008. But, to maintain our low pricing, we must reduce our production, distribution, and accounting costs. We are now offering our titles only as downloads and only as online credit/debit card sales through our website. In other words, we are no longer selling packaged CD-ROMs.

We understand that scholarship students at some institutions are required to buy all their course texts through a brick-and-mortar bookstore. If yours is one of those institutions, please ask your bookstore textbook manager to e-mail us at for more info about how they can continue offering our two titles to that limited student population through your bookstore.

If you're adopting MacGAMUT as a course text:

If you are adopting MacGAMUT for 2019-20: Please use our online form to request your complimentary Instructor-use-only Registration Number as well as info about how to access the password-protected MacGAMUT Instructor Materials page on this website (Version 6.3.0c). The Instructor Materials include several alternative sets of presets and library files as well as a suite of programs you can use to custom-tailor the User software, if you wish. The complimentary Registration Number lets you familiarize yourself with the software your students will be using and test any operational changes you may make to that software using your Instructor Materials. NOTE: Because the Instructor Materials are now available only from a secure page on our website, a "key" CD is no longer required to run the MacGAMUT Instructor applications.

If additional instructors (including GTAs) will be using MacGAMUT in their classes, we'd be pleased to send them each a complimentary Instructor-use-only Registration Number and access to the MacGAMUT Instructor Materials.  Just include the names and e-mail addresses of the other instructors as part of your request.  If you can't wait to begin considering your instructor options for customizing MacGAMUT, you can start looking at the MacGAMUT 6 Instructor Guide right now!

Click here to see or print MacGAMUT Instructor Guide 6.pdf (Mac or Win)

Or click here if you are considering adoption and want to request your MacGAMUT Instructor Demo!