Students not quite ready for MacGAMUT?
Then start them with "MacGAMUT Lite" using the Prep Presets and Libraries

The Prep Presets & Libraries are geared to high school and less-well-prepared music students, a sort of "MacGAMUT Lite," which offers a more forgiving environment for students to start work on aural skills.  Our former tech support wizard, Bill Dilts, who has taught high school theory and ear-training and has a Level 3 Certificate from Capital University's Kodaly Institute, designed these presets and libraries specifically for beginning musicians-in-training.

Bill's Prep Presets allow students more hearings and greater latitude for error, and his Prep Rhythms, Prep Melodies, and Prep Progressions libraries are organized along Kodaly principles.  The Intervals, Scales, and Chords components each begin with additional levels introducing new materials more gradually than in MacGAMUT's Original Presets.

The Rhythmic Dictation library consists of nineteen levels, beginning with quarter notes and rests in simple meter and progressing to exercises that include sixteenth notes in compound meter.  The Melodic Dictation library include twenty-six progressive levels of exercises based on folksongs, beginning with melodies in treble clef using only three different pitches in the keys of C, F, and G and gradually introducing bass clef and additional scale degrees and keys into the melodic mix.  The Harmonic Dictation library consists of twenty levels, beginning with a level of progressions consisting solely of I and V chords in C major, with additional keys and chordal materials introduced gradually as students progress through the levels.

For anyone working with beginning students, these Prep Presets and Libraries provide an excellent starting point, preparing students to tackle the more stringent demands of MacGAMUT's Original Presets.<  Of course, instructors can always make changes to the Prep Presets and edit or augment the Prep libraries, if they choose, just as they can modify MacGAMUT's Original Presets and libraries.  These Prep Presets and the Prep libraries are included in the MacGAMUT Instructor Materials that are available to every MacGAMUT Instructor...