Ordering Info for Bookstores

If you're a student who needs to buy MacGAMUT or MFun for a class, click here.

BREAKING NEWS: We have held our suggested retail price at $40 since 2008. But, to maintain our low pricing, we must reduce our production, distribution, and accounting costs. With only one exception (see next paragraph), we are now offering our titles only as downloads and only as online credit/debit card sales directly to students through our website. In other words, we are no longer wholesaling packaged CD-ROMs for you to display with other course texts on your bookstore shelves.

We understand that scholarship/financial aid students at some institutions are required to buy all their course texts through a brick-and-mortar bookstore. If yours is one of those stores, please e-mail us at StoreOrders@macgamut.com for more info about how you can continue offering our two titles ONLY to that limited student population through your bookstore. Please note that we are no longer accepting purchase orders.

If you need to order for scholarship/financial aid students

We only have only two products, so it's really pretty simple:

Title: MacGAMUT 6
Author: Ann K. Blombach
Copyright:  2017
ISBN: 978-1-886997-21-9
Suggested retail price: $40

Title: MFun: Music Fundamentals
Author: Elizabeth Sayrs
Copyright: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-886997-23-3
Suggested retail price: $40

How to place your order

Federal Tax ID

FEIN for MacGAMUT Music Software, Inc:  31-1603875

Bookstore discount

Bookstore orders for any quantity are discounted 20%.  Your net cost per unit ordered is $32.

CD Returns

CD overstock returns:  Bookstores may return unsold MacGAMUT Music Software stock at any time: no time limit; no permission required. We will issue a Refund Check or a Credit Memo which you may apply to any outstanding balance. The bookstore is responsible for shipping charges for all returns.

Please do not accept returns if the package has been opened.

If you need to return overstock, please e-mail us at office@macgamut.com for more info.